Construction Management

Langman Construction, Inc. offers a full roster of design and construction management services that provide significant benefits for our clients throughout the Quad Cities and most of Illinois and Iowa.  Our emphasis on early planning and pre-construction services translates into a professionally managed project with less risk.  For each project, we customize a scope of work and assemble and manage a professional team to work together efficiently and harmoniously.

This early collaboration in the construction management process promotes effective project coordination and communication from the start, creating an environment for success.  LCI is a flexible construction company that will operate under various contract types and fee structures to meet the client’s needs.

  • Best use of available funds
  • Control of the scope of work
  • Project scheduling
  • Avoidance of delays, changes and disputes
  • Enhancing project design and construction quality
  • Optimum use of design, skills and talents

Langman Construction, Inc. will reduce costs through competitive bidding and a streamlined process that minimizes change orders and eliminates duplication.  We ensure quality control, reducing the potential for defects and rework, and shorten schedules by alleviating bottlenecks and resolving issues quickly and fairly.  Our rigorous document and budget controls assure proper disbursement of funds and protect clients from unnecessary liability and risk.  But, the most important service we provide is leadership, as a well-managed team and project produce the most successful results.

To learn more about Langman Construction, Inc.’s professional construction capabilities for your next project in Iowa or Illinois, or to request a quote, contact us here or call us directly at (309) 786-8944.

Visible Past Construction Management Projects

  • Rock Island Arsenal Parking Lot



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