Research shows that a motivated, engaged and responsive workforce is substantially more productive than an unmotivated, apathetic group of employees.  When workers feel engaged, they are more likely to work harder for the good of the company, because they can see first-hand what their contributions mean to its success.

Here at Langman Construction, Inc. we believe our employees work with a passion and feel a deep connection to the company.  They are the ones who drive innovation, take more initiative, deliver higher quality work and move our company forward.

Langman Construction, Inc. rewards our team with one of the richest benefit programs in the construction industry.  LCI offers:

    • 100% Employer paid Heath Insurance
    • 401K
    • Competitive and flexible vacation schedules
    • Yearly Top Management company vacations

Here at Langman, we have a well-established program to help employees develop their skills and works to maintain and nurture a diverse and highly-talented workforce have a proven track record of business success.  From skilled labor union jobs to non-union jobs such as engineers and estimators, LCI offers a relaxed environment rich with multiple generations of families all working together.

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LCI is committed to the safety, health, and growth of the communities we impact.  The owners of LCI volunteer and sit on many diverse boards such as: Developmental Association of Rock Island, Construction Research Committee, Junior Board of Rock Island, Rotary, BankOrion, and General Contractors Association.  While working on project, we make it a mission to attend all community information meetings.  Our company has been recognized with a key to the city from the city of Rock Island.

We have purchased a rock recycling plant.  The plant allows LCI to turn concrete into rock to be used on the same project.  This decreases trucking, and therefore CO2 emissions, from the removal of the concrete off site and new material on-site.  This decreases the need to extract new material from our earth and decreases the amount of waste in our landfills.

LCI is committed to recycling any material.  Materials such as steel are filtered out and taken to recycling plants.

LCI only allows state of the art equipment in their fleet.  State of the art equipment adheres to the toughest emissions laws.

New slogan:  “Safety Always”  We continually have an EMR below .96 with our 2016 EMR at a .77, well below industry average.

We invest annually in our safety program and equipment.  Continuously improving and staying current with the newest safety equipment.

  • Menards Moline – Site work
  • Menards Davenport – Site work
  • I74 Bridge Relocation – Iowa DOT
  • Davenport Skate Park – City of Davenport, Iowa
  • I-wireless Center Site Work
  • Lombard Addition – Davenport, Iowa
  • Bettendorf Bike Path
  • Lost Grove Lake


To grow the company in a gradual, safe and responsible manner to better serve our customers and stakeholders.


In the fulfillment of this Mission LCI will adhere to the following values:

-Provide a rewarding and safe work environment for all employees with fair pay and benefits.

-Be a good citizen within the locales in which we conduct our business.

-Treat all our Stakeholders with respect and without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, age, or other characteristics that do not relate to their abilities or responsible behavior.


To provide quality “Highway and Heavy” construction services and products, to our customers, on schedule, on budget and in a safe and professional manner.



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